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Wag Tails’ full list of services are listed down the right-hand side of the page. Below provides a more detailed description of some of the services that we have to offer:

Dog Grooming

Hand Stripping

Hand stripping thins, styles and shapes the coat. Hand stripped dogs retain the correct coat texture (making the coat easier to keep) and the coat colour remains stronger and brighter.

Dog Grooming

Insectidical Baths

An insecticidal bath is safe and helps to deter 'unwanted visitors'. Also massaging the coat helps to loosen dead hair and skin, which ultimately helps to revitalise the coat. Our conditioner also helps soften the fur and protects against future breakages.

Dog Grooming


This will remove excess hair from certain areas of a dog's coat. Clipping can provide styling to your dogs coat and is a pain-free method of removing matted hair.

Dog Grooming


De-matting can avoid the total removal of the coat and enables groomers to achieve the style and shape for the breed.

Dog Grooming

Doggy Facials

Doggy facial: Ear pluck and Trim, Eye clean and Face Trim + Cologne.

Dog Grooming

Doggy Pedicure

Doggy pedicure: Nails cut, Feet tidied, hair between pads tidied. Paw wax to help prevent dry cracked pads.

Dog Grooming

Skin Complaints

We understand that all dogs have different coats and different skin sensitivity. Because of this we have a range of shampoos to overcome these issues or you can bring your own prescription shampoo from the vet.

Dog Grooming

Behaviour Problems

We are happy to groom dog breeds usually associated with hyper-activity or aggressive tendencies. We are also willing to groom dogs that other salons have turned away.

Dog Grooming

Day Care

Day Care is our latest service to offer in which your dog will receive all day supervision, two long walks, relief from stress and boredom, the opportunity to play with other dogs and plenty of treats and water.

Pick Up Service

We are pleased to offer a pick up service to our local clients for grooming.

With the grooming pick up service we will pick up your dog in the morning, groom them and return them when they are finished or at an appropriate time.

We take pride in providing the best possible care and experience for your dog in a safe environment designed for interaction and play.

Contact Wag Tails today for more information on any of our dog grooming services.

Puppy Package

The first three stages of the package are to get your puppy used to the salon environment. This is vital for your puppy so we don’t overwhelm them and for them to be able to enjoy the experience from the start. We do not advise that the puppy starts their grooming with us until the second lot of vaccinations, this will ensure there is no risk of contracting any diseases such as parvo etc. The puppy package consists of three visits to ease them in before having a full groom, these visits include;

Visit 1 – Bathed in puppy shampoo and a gentle blow dry to get them used to the sounds.

Visit 2 – Bath , blow dry, ears cleaned and nails trimmed.

Visit 3 – Bath, blow dry, eye trim dependant on breed, feet trim and pads trimmed.

Visit 4 – This will be the full groom which will include all of the above, any clipping and styling at owners request. This is usually from £30 dependant on breed. A full groom would usually be done around 6 months old as the adult coat will be starting to come through.

Please call or email us for more information on our puppy package and how to book.

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